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Organizations, a Keycloak Multi-Tenant Extension

· One min read
Phase Two

Today we're open sourcing a set of Keycloak extensions, specifically our Organizations extension, that are focused on solving several of the common use cases of multi-tenant, SaaS applications that Keycloak does not solve out of the box. We are doing this in line with our commitment to keeping our core extensions open source. These extensions are the basis of our Organizations features, which allow Phase Two customers to model their own customers in their systems and create enterprise "team" functionality that suits their business case.

A variation of this code has been built, enhanced and used in production by several customers for almost two years. It is now available as open source for members of the broader Keycloak community. We hope you find these extensions valuable, and we look forward to feedback and participation from both our customers and the wider Keycloak community.

The extension is available on GitHub