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Concentric Circles

Customizable User Management

User management is a core part of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Empower your users and customers to easily manage every aspect of identity, authentication, organization, and SSO to drastically reduce customer support.

Automated SSO Onboarding

Self-service onboarding wizards for your customers’ IT teams that guide them through step-by-step setup. This "live" documentation supports the vendors your customer uses, and is always up-to-date. Avoid the pain and complexity of supporting manual SSO integrations.

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Organization Self-Management

Enable complete self-service of identity and organization. The move to SaaS is accelerating, and enterprises expect full, customizable control over their experience. Give it to them with a simple link.

Screenshots showing management of users, domains and SSO
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Add it to Your App with Minimal Code

A link to the portal can be easily generated and added to your application. When a logged-in user clicks on the link, we take care of the permissions to give them an optimized experience.

Create a portal link
import { Configuration, EventsApi, OrganizationsApi } from "@p2-inc/js-sdk";

const configuration = new Configuration({
basePath: 'https://{host}/auth/realms',
accessToken: getAccessToken(),

const realm = 'my-realm';
const orgId = 'my-organization';

const portalLinkPromise = orgs.createPortalLink({realm: realm, orgId: orgId});
const portalLink = await portalLinkPromise.then((resp) => {