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Concentric Circles

Admin Portal

Seamless onboarding and self-management for your customer administrators and users. Empower your users and customers to easily manage every aspect of identity, organization and SSO. Drastically reduce customer support.

Automated SSO onboarding

Self-service onboarding wizards for your customers’ IT teams that guide them through step-by-step setup. This "live" documentation supports the vendors your customer uses, and is always up-to-date. Avoid the pain and complexity of supporting manual SSO integrations.

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Organization Self-Management

Enable complete self-service of identity and organization. The move to SaaS is accelerating, and enterprises expect full control over their experience. Give it to them with a simple link.

Screenshots showing management of users, domains and SSO
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Add it to Your App with Minimal Code

A link to the portal can be easily generated and added to your application. When a logged-in user clicks on the link, we take care of the permissions to give them an optimized experience.

Create a portal link
import { Configuration, EventsApi, OrganizationsApi } from "@p2-inc/js-sdk";

const configuration = new Configuration({
basePath: 'https://{host}/auth/realms',
accessToken: getAccessToken(),

const realm = 'my-realm';
const orgId = 'my-organization';

const portalLinkPromise = orgs.createPortalLink({realm: realm, orgId: orgId});
const portalLink = await portalLinkPromise.then((resp) => {