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The Organizations feature represents an significant enhancement to standard Keycloak that allows business-to-business (B2B) customers to better manage their partners and customers, and to customize the ways that end-users access their applications. Phase Two customers can use Organizations to:

  • Represent their business customers and partners in Phase Two and manage their membership.
  • Represent attributes and roles, unique to business customers and partners.
  • Provide streamlined invitations to Organizations.
  • Allow the self-management of business customers' Identity Providers and Users using our hosted portal and setup wizards.
  • Build administration capabilities into their products, using Organizations APIs, so that those businesses can manage their own organizations.

Creating and managing organizations

Organizations can be managed in the Admin UI in the Organizations section. It is possible here to create Organizations, and manage their attributes, membership, invitations, roles, and associated identity providers.

Keycloak Phase Two Organization Settings

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