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Frictionless, Customized, Cost-Effective Authentication

Authenticate your users securely across every application, from the first click to the last. Phase Two provides highly customizable Authentication flows that can be tailored to your application's needs. Login pages can be customized with branding to match your application's look and feel to create a seamless experience. In addition, all possible login use cases are covered, meaning no building out the multivariate login flows that inevitably come with a custom solution.

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Social Login Symbols

Social Login or Corporate IDPs

Add social login with popular providers like Google, Github and Facebook to remove barriers to engagement, and allow your users to maintain one identity. Or connect the corporate identity provider to link directly to an existing provider.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security by allowing users to add second factors using advanced methods such as TOTP authenticator apps or WebAuthn devices like Yubikey or Passkeys.

Illustration showing various Multi-Factor Authentiation Means

Magic Links, Passwordless Login

Removes friction to sign up and identity using your user’s email, all without compromising account security. Passwordless login immediately avoids password breaches, and removes the need for forgotten password problems.

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User Account Management

Empower your users with a user account portal that allows them to self-manage their account details and identity. Massively reduces the most common customer service issues.

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Cost Effective Authentication

With all the various features for customizing the login experience, this can save immense time in development cycles trying to handle all the authentication use-cases. In addition, Phase Two does not charge based on user count or login methods, meaning that as app grows, you are future-proofed against spiraling costs.

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Magic Link Guide

Magic links are a type of passwordless authentication that allow your users to log in to your application following a link that is emailed to them, rather than typing a username and password. Read our guide to understand if they're right for you and how to implement it in 5-minutes.

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