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Premium Hosting for Keycloak

Identity and Access Management are mission critical to any application.
Self-Hosting Keycloak and keeping up to date with version releases is not a simple task. As users of open source software ourselves, we wanted to remove the startup friction that inevitably comes with setting up a new software stack or migrating to Keycloak from another Identity provider. Our Hosted Keycloak offering allows teams to focus on rapidly implementing Identity and Access Management.

Looking to Self-Host Keycloak? Learn more about ourOn-Prem Deployments.

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Keycloak as a Service

Managed Keycloak for the Rest of Us

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Integrating Identity and Access Management (IAM) to your application should be the number one priority. Moonlighting as DevOps distracts from the core competency of the business.

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Keycloak releases major upgrades on a steady cadence and upgrading is fraught with many challenges. We make sure that we test and harden any release before it is rolled out to our clusters.

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Our globally deployed clusters are set-up to handle service interruptions. Our focus is ensuring your App can rely on a key foundational service.

What Hosted Keycloak Option is Right for Me?

Understanding your app's use case is critical to determining what tier you will need. The main factors to consider are

Integration Lines

Number of users

Keycloak and branding customization

Support for complex use cases

    Just starting out. Testing out Keycloak or IAM.

    Free (forever) tier will make it possible to figure out how to start leveraging Phase Two and Keycloak.

    You already have an existing Saas application and already use or are transitioning to Keycloak.

    You will want a Dedicated Cluster available in one of our paid plans: Premium or Enterprise.

    You have a global user base.

    You need a Dedicated Cluster to support a global deployment that keeps your clusters and sessions synchronized, available in our Enterprise plan.

    You need additional customization to handle complex use cases.

    Our Enterprise offering ensures that no matter how you plan to use Phase Two and Keycloak it will be handled through dedicated support and consultation.

    Why you should trust us?


    We've been working with Keycloak for approaching 8 years. Since some of its earliest releases, we've been involved with the community and development.


    We know how powerful Keycloak is and can be. IAM is a complex subject and rather than rolling your own solution, we know that Keycloak can provide the jumpstart needed to get your app up and running fast. We built a product with the goal of making Keycloak easier and more powerful.


    We're passionate about the community (750+ stars on Github). When we see a need for additional functionality, like our popular Organizations extension, we build and release it to benefit all in the Keycloak community. We derive huge benefit from the community and believe strongly in giving that right back (Keycloak Demo Day).


    Our team knows how to ship. We're startup veterans that know shipping product matters. We fix bugs fast. We're not afraid of a challenge. We're not just a Keycloak hosting company, we're a team of developers that are steeped in Keycloak and it's community.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    What is the difference between Phase Two and Keycloak?
    Phase Two is a company that specializes in Enterprise level Keycloak Hosting and Support. We are active contributors to the Keycloak project and community. We issue pull requests for issues and take active part in community discussions whether on at Keycloak Dev Day Github, Forums, or mailing lists. We've been working with Keycloak for a long time and have a deep understanding of the project and because of this have built some of the most successful extensions.
    Keycloak is an open source Identity and Access Management server software developed and maintained by Red Hat. It is widely used across the world for a multitude of Authentication and Authorization use cases.
    How does Phase Two charge me?
    We offer subscriptions that can be paid via Credit Card or Bank Account. This can all be setup online and automated. Our subscriptions are project based and not user based. This means that as your applications grows, you won't find you Identity Provider predatorily encroaching on your margins.
    What type of Support does Phase Two offer?
    Phase Two has a few options for Keycloak Support. Read more about our support options.
    Which cloud providers does Phase Two use?
    We leverage many cloud native solutions and best practices to deploy our systems in AWS in various regions. This allows us to best match your use-cases and region needs.
    Where can I deploy Phase Two?
    We offer Global deployments depending on your needs.
    Can I deploy Phase Two on-premise or to my existing cloud infrastructure?
    Yes! Read more about our on-premise options.
    When does Phase Two upgrade Keycloak distributions? How does that affect me?
    Phase Two fast-follows Keycloak releases and upgrades our instances as soon as we can. We test and harden the releases before they are rolled out to our clusters. This ensures that you are always on the latest and most secure version of Keycloak.
    We alert and notify all existing installs before an upgrade. This includes alerting customers to any breaking changes in major releases and how to address them.
    How many Keycloak realms are available through Phase Two's Hosted Keycloak?
    The free-forever tier provides a single realm. Our paid plans, Premium or Enterprise, provide multiple realms.
    Can Phase Two help me migrate from another Identity Provider to Keycloak?
    Yes! Phase Two does this all the time. We can assist with consolidating multiple identity providers to Keycloak, moving single apps to using Keycloak, setting up complex use cases, and general Keycloak navigation (it's a large and capable system, knowing where to start and what is "right" is hard)