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Username-password authentication is part of the default browser flow. If you select this flow from the Flows tab, you will see the steps that make up the flow.


The first step, called Cookie redirects already authenticated and active users back to the application, not requiring a login challenge.

Kerberos, disabled by default, can be ignored for now.

The next step, Identity Provider Redirector is used in the case where your application code sends the user to login with a kc_idp_hint parameter set. This would be used in the case where you are storing the association between a user and their identity provider outside of Keycloak, and you wish to automatically redirect the user to that IdP.

The forms section of the steps contains a form for input of the username and password, and conditional logic to determine if the user has an OTP method configured.

Keycloak Authentication Browser Flow Username Password

Login UI

When testing the default authentication flow, you will be presented with a simple form. Note that the appearance of Remember me and Forgot password elements are conditional on how you have set up your Realm. Additionaly, you may have already customized your login style, which may lead to different styling.

Keycloak Authentication Browser Flow Username Password Login