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In order to facilitate easy setup of identity providers for single sign-on, it is possible for you to use the identity provider setup wizards that are used in the Admin Portal and the Phase Two Connect onboarding tool. This may be useful when you are meeting with a customer IT admin, in order to show them how to set up their identity provider, or to help familiarize you with interfaces for third-party identity providers.

Launching the wizards as an administrator

From the Admin UI, go to the Clients section of the Realm you are trying to add an identity provider. In the idp-wizard client, click on the link in the Home URL column. This will open a separate browser window and launch the wizard as your admin user.

Once you have configured and completed a wizard, you can close the window. Back in the Admin UI, you can select the Identity providers section in order to check that it was setup properly and view the data.