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Once you have setup the authentication flow for SSO as described in the previous section SSO, you can create connections to the Organizations' identity providers and then associating them with the Organizations they represent.

Configuring identity providers

In order to manually setup an identity provider to be used for single sign-on for an organization, in the Admin UI, you can select the Identity providers section. Using the Add provider button, you can add SAML or OpenID Connect types. There is further Keycloak documentation describing all of the options in detail.

It is also possible to use the identity provider setup wizards, described in the next section: Wizards.

Associating organizations

If you have not already created an Organization, check out the section on Organizations. Once you have created an organization, navigate to that organization's Identity provider tab and select the identity provider you created that you wish to associate with the organization.

This will setup the identity provider to automatically associate Users who authenticate with that identity provider with the associated organization, and allow the identity provider to be discovered during the authentication process using the domain of the User's email address.