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Organizations allow you to create a team to manage your Phase Two Deployments and Clusters. You can use the Organizations link in the Dashboard to view and manage your organization for teams you are a member.


Select the Members link in the row next to your organization in order to manage and invite members. Members may be removed and edited in the list of members.


New members may be invited by their email address by selecting the Invite new member button on the members list page.


Roles can be assigned at a high-level:

  • Developer. Can see all details but cannot edit. Can use Deployments owned by this organization.
  • Admin. Can see and edit all details. Can use Deployments owned by this organization.

Or fine-grained, where the names of the roles explain their functionality.


If your organization wants to use its own identity provider to log into Phase Two self-service, you can set it up using our SSO wizards. Select the SSO Setup link in the row next to your organization and follow the steps for your Identity Provider vendor.


Phase Two self-service requires validated email domains in order to redirect authentication requests for your users. Create a domain using the Domains link in the row next to your organization. Once you have added a domain, you will be prompted to set up a DNS TXT record for the domain you have entered. The details for setting up that record can be found by selecting the Setup link in the row of the domain you added. Once you have added that record, return and select Verify. Because DNS records often take some time to propogate, please be patient, as verifiction may take up to 24 hours.

Automatic membership

Once you have configured SSO and verified an email domain, all users that authenticate using your identity provider will automatically be added to your organization.