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Dedicated Clusters

Dedicated clusters are available with paid plans. These Clusters use isolated compute, network and storage resources. Customers using dedicated clusters can create up to 20 Realms per cluster. If you need more, please contact your account representative or email

Creating a Cluster

Clusters can be created on the home page of the Dashboard by selecting the Create Cluster button. You must select a region, select an owning organization, and input a name to identify the cluster, and optionally provide a domain name you wish to use.

Keycloak Phase Two Dedicated Cluster Creation

Once you have input the required information, you will be sent to Stripe, our payment partner, to set up your billing account and payment method.

Following successful billing setup, you will be returned to the Dashboard while your Cluster is provisioned. This is usually fast, but can take up to 24 hours in some cases. You will be notified by email and in the Dashboard when the Cluster is live.

Keycloak Phase Two Dedicatd Cluster Creation Status


Dedicated clusters are currently available in the following regions using the self-service dashboard:

  • AWS US West (Oregon) us-west-2
  • AWS Europe (Frankfurt) eu-central-1

If you wish to launch a dedicated cluster in one of the following regions, we can provision it for you with an additional monthly fee. Please contact for more information.

  • AWS Asia-Pacific (Mumbai) ap-south-1
  • AWS Asia-Pacific (Singapore) ap-southeast-1
  • AWS Europe (Ireland) eu-west-1
  • AWS US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1
  • GCP Asia-Pacific (Jurong West) asia-southeast1
  • GCP Europe (St. Ghislain) europe-west1
  • GCP South America (São Paulo) southamerica-east1
  • GCP US Central (Iowa) us-central1
  • GCP US East (South Carolina) us-east1
  • GCP US West (California) us-west2

Global clusters

For use cases that require global proximity to users and region failover behavior, we are currently in beta for our global clusters. Global server load balancing provides geographic region affinity and failover to connect your users with the closest, available instances.

These clusters are backed by CockroachDB multi-region clusters, which are hosted and operated by Cockroach Labs. There are two price tiers for global clusters, depending on your use of our shared CockroachDB clusters, or your own dedicated clusters.

Please contact to talk to us about your global cluster use case.

Custom domains

Support for custom domains is avao;ab;e for all cloud providers. In order to set up a custom domain that you already own, specify the desired domain when creating the cluster. Following setup of your cluster, you will need to create 2 DNS records.

For all cloud providers:

  • CNAME TO {cluster_name}.{region}.{cloud_provider}

For AWS:

  • CNAME (the record name and value will be provided to you in an email from Support).

Your cluster will be available from your custom domain within 24 hours of correct configuration of the DNS records.

Migrating from a shared deployment

If you currently have a free, shared deployment, and you would like to migrate that deployment into your dedicated cluster, this can be done in a one-time operation. This is a batch operation, and will require 24 hours to process, so immediate migrations are not available. Please contact your customer success representative at and indicate the deployment name you want to migrate, the target cluster, and the time you want to initiate the migration.

Using a Cluster

Clusters are used much as our shared deployments. You can create up to 20 Realms per cluster.

Creating Deployments in your Cluster

Once your Cluster has been provisioned, you can create Deployments as before, but you will open the create Deployment modal from the Cluster. Access to the admin console for those Realms is the same, using the Open Console link next to each Deployment.


Access to invoices and ability to change payment information can be accessed in the action menu next to the Cluster. This will take you to Stripe, our payment partner, to access your billing history and update your payment information. This is restricted to users with the appropriate organization roles.

Deleting a Cluster

Clusters that have reached the provisioing or active state cannot be immediately deleted. If you wish to delete your Cluster and end your subscription, you can schedule the deletion. Your cluster will be available until the end of your montly billing period. At that point, there will begin a 7-day grace period where the cluster will be available, and a 14-day grace period where the data will be preserved. Following that, the cluster will be de-provisioned and all data will be purged from our systems for security and compliance reasons.


There are no refunds available for subscriptions paid on a monthly basis.

If you have paid annually, and you have more than one month left in your subscription period, you will be refunded a pro-rated amount following the end of the 14-day grace period. This refund will come through your payment method registered with Stripe.


Please refer to our Service Level Agreement for more information.