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About Us


Phase Two is dedicated to help SaaS companies accelerate time-to-market and enterprise adoption. We build products that allow you to rapidly integrating the features you need to access new customers and new markets.


Phase Two was founded in 2019 by software veterans with over 60 combined years of experience building consumer and enterprise software products. The founders had just completed building the first version of a product for an early-stage SaaS startup. We realized that over 60% of the first 18 months was spent building features and functionality that were not the core competency the company sought to test in the marketplace.

Following several months of market testing and investigation, we released a prototype based on the Keycloak open source identity and access management tool, and Phase Two was born. Since then, we've expanded our toolchain to serve software engineers at companies building products for both cloud and on-prem distribution.


While we were founded in Seattle, Washington, the Phase Two team is now a remote, globally distributed group of individuals that are passionate about helping software engineers succeed. We are a company built by engineers, for engineers, and love to apply engineering principles to everything we do.


Feel free to reach out with bugs and feature requests, or email us with questions and comments. Prefer snail mail? You can reach us at 140 Lakeside Ave, Suite A49, Seattle, WA 98122.