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The Organization Portal allows members of an organization with appropriate permissions to self-manage their organization. This includes details, attributes, memberships, verified domains, identity providers, as well as view information about events that have occured relevant to access.

There are two mechanisms of creating a portal link. Choosing one depends on how you wish to expose this to your users.

Admin UI

In the Admin UI, in the Organizations tab, when you select an organization, the upper right context menu allows you to select Create Portal Link. This will create a portal link for the default organization user. This is a user that is created by default when the organization is created for the purpose of executing administrative tasks for the organization. It is not associated with a real member of the organization. It has full privileges within the organization, so be careful who and how this link is distributed. It will be active for 1 day following creation.


You can programmatically create portal links for your users with the API. This allows you to create a link for a specific user. The portal itself will take care of restricting access based on that user's organization permissions. Please refer to the API documentation to create a link for the organization's admin portal. Because this is an expiring link, it is recommended that you do not create the link until it has been selected in your application.